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BC-3300 for Safts

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  • David Roden (Akron OH USA)
    ... Here s what I ve been told, and have taken as my starting point. There may have been a change in Saft s charging instructions, but as of last year, it
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 25, 2000
      On 21 Sep 2000, at 12:16, Tom Hudson wrote:

      > You'd need to change the profile in the BC3300 charger (a simple
      > reprogramming) ...

      Here's what I've been told, and have taken as my starting point. There
      may have been a change in Saft's charging instructions, but as of last
      year, it unfortunately wasn't quite that simple.

      The following information applies only to the reduced maintenance (the
      recombinant type with the MR/MRE suffix) Saft nicads. The older types
      are different.

      To do it the "canonical" way, you need at least an interface to the amp-
      hour counter and possibly a new amp-hour counter. You will also need to
      replace the logic board in the charger, because some of the i/o lines
      perform different duties and the firmware is different. Also, the
      charger's logic power supply must be re-connected to the battery side so
      that it's powered up all the time. Solectria should be able to quote you
      on performing this service. Sorry to say it's not as trivial as a simple
      profile change.

      The reason for the mods is that Saft requires (or requirED, as of about a
      year ago) the charger to monitor not just on-charge voltage, but also amp-
      hours into and out of the battery.

      I think there are ways to use the stock charger w/o the interface and
      logic board change, but I don't recommend them if you live in an area
      where the temperature frequently exceeds 85 degrees F or so. I don't
      know whether Solectria would be willing to set this up for you or not.
      You'd also lose the Saft warranty and maybe Solectria's.

      Someone with a moderate amount of engineering and programming expertise
      could probably come pretty close to the Saft charging specs by using an E-
      meter and a Basic Stamp. Of course this is not a Solectria-approved
      solution either ...

      David Roden - Akron, Ohio, USA
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      1991 Ford Escort Green/EV 128vdc
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