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98 Force, 56 CALB CA 60Ahr Transplant on the road!

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  • perrypeas
    Well I am driving Lithium also. I did do the first drive last last friday, November 2, as I d hoped. It turned out well. Drove 13.74Ah. Neglected to write
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2012
      Well I am driving Lithium also. I did do the first drive last last friday, November 2, as I'd hoped. It turned out well. Drove 13.74Ah. Neglected to write the mileage at the start of the drive, but approx. 10 miles. It was really supposed to be just once around the block, but I thought I'd just head a bit further out, perhaps out to the lights by the McDonalds, and since I'm out this far how about trying out that hill up in Lynnwood that gave me so much trouble, where I couldn't even stay above 30km/h in economy (It's just fine now thank you- still accelerating uphill as I pass 60km/h), and on the way back, maybe I'll just turn onto Glenmore westbound and see what this car can do... So yes I put her in Power. Very nice. Actually completely unlike the car I had before. Retains the wonderful sound of the motor when accelerating away from a stop sign, but the acceleration from 40k to 60k is like a different car. Sort of aggressive feel that's hard to describe- rougher somehow, foreign to my experience with the force to date. Yes I did expect this, it's one of the reasons I paid the money, but it's still gratifying. Hasn't really sunk in yet- I have the EV grin I guess, but this has been a dream for me for such a long time that perhaps it's an EV daze. Yes, very satisfied.
      See the pictures posted. My battery lab (since dismantled as there's no more batteries to balance- sigh.) the front box (empty), and the rear box. Very small pack of batteries. It's hard to believe that little batch of cells can hold enough energy to propel this car to 115 km/hr, and in fine form too, smooth and quiet, and also take you 90 km down the road. (not all at 115 km/hr though) Amazing.
      I'm using a temporary charger that only draws some 3.5 amps from the mains, so I just plug in with a piddly little 2-prong cord taken out of a radio. I showed my son how to hook it up, and he hung it in the fuel port so I can plug in. It takes a long time to fully charge, but it's charging while I'm sleeping so it doesn't matter much.
      I've driven it every day so far (I made up an excuse where necessary), and have covered over 300 miles on the Lithium.
      When I'd been driving with the lead acid pack I faithfully drove in only Econ to save the batteries. I achieved 1Ahr per mile efficiency this way. Now I'm not doing as well. Basically because I don't worry about efficiency hardly at all, having too much fun. I drive in Normal most of the time, Power when required. Still the efficiency is not bad, not too much over 1 Ahr per mile, unless I'm really using the juice. The worst I've got was Nov. 10, drove 10 miles and burned 16.63 Ahr. I was testing it a bit, driving up and down Glenmore pretty fast, and trying to warm up the batteries- it was a cold night and I've not got the Solectria heating mats hooked up yet.
      Thanks to those of you who took the plunge already, reading your stories gave me the courage to hazard my hard-earned money also. Especially Bouty (40Ahr TS) and Mike (56 Cells).
      It might not look like it on the outside, but this car is cool.
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