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Tell your assemblymember that you want fuel-efficient replacement tires

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  • Earl Killian
    I got the following from the NRDC s Action Center and I thought it would be relevant to the EV community, though I doubt its mandate is as strong as the LRR
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
      I got the following from the NRDC's "Action Center" and I thought it
      would be relevant to the EV community, though I doubt its mandate is
      as strong as the LRR tires we want (does anyone know the details?).
      If you live in California, you might want to lobby your
      representatives for AB 844. The NRDC conveniently less you do this
      with a push of a button if you register at their site.

      Most people do not know that tires that come on new cars are more
      fuel-efficient than tires that you can buy in the replacement
      market. Automakers use better tires on new cars as a way to help meet
      federal fuel economy standards.

      The California Energy Commission estimates that Californians could
      save about 300 million gallons of gasoline every year if replacement
      tires were as fuel- efficient as the tires sold on new vehicles. That
      means, at current prices, California consumers could save more than
      $470 million per year, or approximately $1.4 billion over the
      three-year lifetime of a typical set of replacement tires. In
      addition, if replacement tires throughout the U.S. were as efficient
      as new car tires, we could reduce global warming pollution from carbon
      dioxide by 47 million tons.

      The California Assembly will soon vote on AB 844, a bill that would
      set minimum rolling resistance standards and require replacement tires
      sold in California to be labeled for fuel efficiency. The bill would
      allow Californians to make informed decisions about the tires they
      buy, and would take the least efficient tires off the market by
      setting standards for tires sold in the state. In practical terms, a
      typical California driver would recoup the additional expense for a
      set of four tires ($5-$12) in fuel savings over the course of one
      year, and save approximately $50-$150 over the 50,000-mile life of the

      The Assembly must pass AB 844 this week in order for the bill to stay
      alive, but tire manufacturers are expected to lobby hard against it.

      == What to do ==
      Send a message *right now* urging your assemblymember to vote "Yes"
      for AB 844.

      == Contact information ==
      You can send a message to your assemblymember directly from NRDC's
      Earth Action Center at http://www.nrdc.org/action/.
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