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RE: [force_ev] Charging cords

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  • Stephen Taylor
    Thanks for the help. I ve scheduled an electrician and the car will have a nice place to charge up when it arrives. I can t wait Tom Hudson
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 9, 2003
      Thanks for the help. I've scheduled an electrician and the car will have a nice place to charge up when it arrives. I can't wait

      Tom Hudson <tomhudson@...> wrote:> Hi, I'm an about to be new owner of a 1999 Solectria Force. The
      > car is currently on a transport heading to Marietta, Georgia. I
      > have what I hope is a very simple question. What does the end of
      > the charging cord that plugs into my wall outlet look like. The
      > past owner of the car said it was small like any 3 prong 110
      > plug, but that one or two of the upper prongs was horizontal
      > instead of vertical, but he can't remember which blades are
      > turned. Can anyone tell me which blade or blades are horizontal
      > and which are vertical? In the interest of making the car and
      > myself happy I would like to install the 220 volt outlet before
      > the car arrives.

      Stephen, it's what's known as a 6-20 plug/receptacle. If you go to your
      local hardware store, go through the receptacles and look for one rated for
      220-250V, 20A. Then look on the receptacle itself and look for the small
      print identifying the type. Usually, you'll see a "6-20" stamped on it

      As a sanity check, I've put a photo of the 6-20 receptacle on my website for
      you. Check it out at:


      Your car should come with a 25-foot extension cord (6-20 plug on one end and
      a 6-20 receptacle on the other). It should also come with a short adapter
      cord that has a 6-20 receptacle on one end and a standard 120V plug on the
      other. This is your emergency or "opportunity charging" adapter, allowing
      occasional use of 120V to charge. Use 220V whenever possible, it does keep
      things much happier (especially thermal management, if your car has it).

      Welcome to the world of EVs! When you get a chance, take a look at the
      Solectria Owners website (http://portev.org/solectria) and if you like, send
      me some info on you and how you use your car, and maybe a photo, and I'll
      add you to the site!


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