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group subscription : getting in, bouncing email-being dropped

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  • Bruce EVangel Parmenter
    This message goes to the groups I support, for the subscribed, and the lurking that are trying to. A few people are having trouble reading and following the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2002
      This message goes to the groups I support, for the
      subscribed, and the lurking that are trying to.

      A few people are having trouble reading and following
      the petition instructions, thus their pending
      subscription is being dropped.

      If you hear of a person complaining that they did not
      get in, I suggest that you take them aside and hold
      their hand through the process. The petition will
      regularly change (rearranged wording) to foil
      SPAMMERs, so always use the current one sent out
      upon new subscriptions (don't use an old copy).

      90% of the petitions I send out are not responded to,
      and after days pass, their pending subscriptions are
      automatically dropped. They can try again a few times
      to get it right.

      The petition method foils SPAMMERs by making the
      subscriber use their brain. Those that do not, have
      trouble. The same petition is used for all of my
      discussion groups. Complaints are from people trying
      to join the RAV4 EV group, and to a much lesser
      degree the Civic Hybrid group.

      *** Bouncing email addresses

      Yahoo groups records the number of email bounces (this when
      the email message can't get through to you). I see them and
      they look like: [I edited the personal stuff out for privacy]

      smalcolm@... Hard Bouncing ( History ) 12/20/2002

      veryveryshy1@... Hard Bouncing ( History ) 12/12/2002

      evchels@... Soft Bouncing ( History ) 12/20/2002

      I do not have control over your email host that bounces
      email (its your email). At some point, the number of bounces
      dumps your subscription. You can of course subscribe again,
      but it is likely to dump you again, because your email is
      bouncing. It might be better to find an email host that
      does not bounce. There are plenty of good web email hosts
      out there that are free, or for a fee (them not me).

      Again, I do not have control over your email host bouncing
      email. But, I wanted to you all to know that bouncing email
      will cause your subscription to drop (perhaps you might
      look at those that have not been dropped as having the
      better email hosts?). The ratio of bouncing email
      addresses to the number of members is about 1% (5
      addresses out of 500 subscribers).

      Yahoo groups status

      Yahoo runs pretty good considering it is a huge beast, but
      there are times when ... it ... slows ... d o w n
      You can tell when this happens by the number of POSTs are
      fewer, or that the POST you sent does not so up on the
      archive for a while (.5 hour or longer).

      I suffer from the same problem that you all do (we are in
      this together, no higher priority for me). When I send
      out newswire POSTs, it is frustrating to have them
      'get lost' or have the system eat them.

      So, I archive my text encase this happens. For you all,
      if it is a short and sweet POST, it is probably easier
      to type another one later when the system constipation
      is over. But it was a lengthy, long detailed POST, during
      slow times, you might want to save a copy encase it does
      not go through (that saves your thoughts so you do not
      lose them, and minimizes your frustration).

      Lastly, so far all the groups seem to be working as intended:
      as a driver resource for improved networking, resolving
      issues specifically with their vehicles.

      If SPAMMERs get through and mark up the group, please let me
      know. I will queue up to clean up their mess, remove them
      and review the petition process to improve to keep them out
      (so far it has been working).

      Thank you for keeping your group clean and focused :-)

      ' ____
      '@----- @'---(=
      . http://geocities.com/brucedp/
      . EV List Editor & RE newswires
      . (originator of the above ASCII art)

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