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RE: [force_ev] Contest to design sticker for new EV charging spac e law

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  • Belden, Peter
    Greg Why not just make these stickers the exact same as the one s we already got from the DMV to drive in the HOV lane. Seems like a pain for us to have one
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002

      Why not just make these stickers the exact same as the one's we already got
      from the DMV to drive in the HOV lane. Seems like a pain for us to have one
      set of stickers for the HOV lane and then another for the charging. I
      suppose there are CNG cars that have the HOV stickers, but those cars
      already have CNG stickers on them so it's pretty clear that they are not

      Another simple way to enforce this. Just check if the car is plugged in.
      If it's not plugged in then it shouldn't be there.


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      Subject: [force_ev] Contest to design sticker for new EV charging space law

      This is a forward from the RAV4 EV group for those Force owners who
      live in California.
      Attention EV drivers!
      As you may have heard, AB1314 making it illegal for non-EVs to block
      charging spaces
      in California has been signed by Governor Davis. While the text of
      the law
      says enforcement
      begins Jan 1st, it likely won't start until mid next year due to
      The law calls for a 2x2 inch window sticker to be made available to
      drivers through DMV
      HQ in Sacramento (mail in) or at EV dealerships for new customers.
      will be a small fee
      for the stickers, likely under $10. The sticker can go inside the
      window behind the driver or
      in the edge of the drivers side windshield. The law also provides for
      bumper stickers, but initially
      the stickers will be made for inside use only (unless you can figure
      out a
      way to get it on the
      bumper!) Technically any vehicle blocking a charger without a sticker
      starting mid next year
      could be ticketed $100 but I doubt EVs would be ticketed... AB1314 is
      of a tool to allow
      parking enforcement to ticket non-EVs blocking appropriately marked
      EV chargers statewide.

      We have a short period of time to contribute ideas for the design of
      this new sticker!

      The sticker will be an inside window transparent, with 1 or 2
      colors. On the sticker there will
      be a space for a serial number, but other than that we have a lot of
      flexibility to contribute to
      the design. Every EV driver interested in the final look of this new
      sticker is encouraged to
      contribute ideas or possible designs. Early next week I will make
      some of
      DMVs suggestions
      available for everyone to see.
      We are holding a contest starting now for all interested EV drivers
      contribute design
      ideas for the sticker. Please e-mail your design entries to me at
      greg@p... .jpg or
      .gif files preferable, please less than 200kbytes (remember this is
      only a
      2x2 inch sticker).
      Remember, clear background and no more than 2 colors for the design.
      All entries must be received by Tuesday the 12th of November. The
      will be posted
      online and people can vote for the best entry on Wednesday and
      Thursday the
      13th and 14th.
      The winner will be selected Friday morning the 15th and will win an
      exciting PEVDC T-shirt
      (blue or green)... oh boy!
      I'm sending this out to the EV1, RAV and Th!nk lists, if anyone has
      access to other groups
      who might be interested in participating in this design for
      please feel free to forward
      this e-mail. Unfortunately I will be out of town until Monday night,
      forgive me if I don't
      respond to e-mail Fri-Mon. I will clear up any unresolved issues
      next week when I get


      Greg Hanssen, co-chairman Production EV Drivers Coalition

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