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Re: [force_ev] Re: EV auto insurance

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  • Craig Childers
    My Solectria manuals are very specific about using Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil (I think it s 5W30). I m betting Castrol and Mobil 1 are not exactly the same.
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 31, 2000
      My Solectria manuals are very specific about using Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil
      (I think it's 5W30). I'm betting Castrol and Mobil 1 are not exactly the
      same. I'm not sure Castrol is even a full-synth.

      I'm told my Forces were built in the first batch, so they may be your
      Force's cousins!
      (The big build before year end (not sure what year) is discussed somewhere
      in the book on Solectria)
      How can you tell if it's number 1? Mine just make use of the old Geo VIN.

      How are you distributing your NiCds? (front VS rear)
      (I'm putting the actual SAFT box of 20 in the rear, and 4 more in the front.)
      Did you buy 2 120 volt SAFT packs like I did?
      Do you want to sell any of your spare modules?
      I am amazed that these things are still showing 6 volts after being in
      storage for so long (and running the DC-DC converter that's built into the
      SAFT pack. I didn't know these were in there.)

      Did you discover the wonderful surprise under the end-cover? (Kilovac

      I think a Force GT has dual motors, but not necessarily NiCd batteries.


      At 05:44 AM 7/29/00 -0400, you wrote:
      >My insurance company, Westfield National, covers my (used) Force at what
      >they call "declared value." I simply told them how much it's worth, and
      >they wrote the policy in that amount.
      >Since then I've heard that this method has some loopholes for the
      >insurance company, though, so you might want to ask your agent for the
      >BTW, since I've just now subscribed to this list, I guess a quick intro
      >is in order.
      >I own Force #1. According to Solectria, it's the first one they ever
      >produced, or at least the first one sold.
      >It was originally sold to APS (Arizona Public Service). After APS began
      >leasing EVs from the major manufacturers, the Force got less and less
      >use. Finally, APS sold it to Phoenix-area private owners in April, 1997.
      > Those owners sold it to me in February, 1999. It has just over 20,000
      >miles on the odometer.
      >This car was originally fitted with Sears Diehard (!) flooded group 27
      >marine batteries. APS replaced them three times; each set lasted on the
      >average about 9 months. Next they tried Enerdyne EV-27s, which lasted
      >less than 6 months. Then came two sets of GNB Evolyte. Each provided
      >about a year of service. The last set APS installed (in early 1996) were
      >Hawker Genesis.
      >The Hawker appear to have been the most successful they used, but by the
      >time I received the car in early 1999, they were only marginally
      >serviceable. Range had fallen to less than 10 miles.
      >For a time I used East Penn group 24 gel batteries (which use a design
      >licensed from Sonnenschein). These are smaller than the original group
      >27 size. I found they didn't give me enough range to suit my needs
      >(barely 30 miles). I'm currently (still) in the process of converting
      >this car over to Saft nicads.
      >Out of curiosity, has anyone on the list ever seen or driven a Force GT?
      >They used nicads and I believe had dual motors and controllers.
      >BTW, it's my understanding that all Forces up to 1995 were belt drive.
      >>From 1995 the integrated motor/gearbox was fitted; however at least one
      >batch of '95s was supplied with the old belt drive. These belts look
      >pretty flimsy but actually work just fine. I have heard that the belt
      >drive's whine can be ameliorated by drilling tiny holes radially into the
      >pulleys, but I'm hesitant to try this.
      >What kind of oil do other owners use in their pre-'95 gearboxes? I use
      >5w-30 Castrol Synthetic motor oil, as recommended in the 1992 service
      >David Roden - Akron, Ohio, USA
      >1991 Solectria Force 144vac
      >1991 Ford Escort Green/EV 128vdc
      >1979 General Engines ElectroPed 24vdc
      >1974 Honda Civic EV 96vdc
      >1970 GE Elec-trak E15 36vdc
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