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Re: [force_ev] Palm Pilot software for E-Meter

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  • JohnMcCain
    Don t know about the Palm, since I m not into those, but I ve been using BRUSA s software on a Stylistic pen computer in my force for a month or two now. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2001
      Don't know about the Palm, since I'm not into those, but I've been using
      BRUSA's software on a Stylistic pen computer in my force for a month or two
      now. I plan to write my own dash program, but their's works well. I have
      the computer placed on the console for now... hopefully it'll be customized
      into the dash when I get around to the physical stuff.

      My force has a BRUSA controller with a RS-422 interface. Since my car has
      a BRUSA e-meter, and I don't have any real info on it, I elected to use the
      controller interface. I used a custom converter cable to convert that to
      RS-232 and put it into the serial port on this pen-based 486 PC. Works
      like a champ.

      Didn't plan to brag about it until I had time to write my own software, but
      this is worth playing with, and it gives lots of info from the
      controller... more than my planned e-dash program will provide. The
      software can be downloaded form BRUSA's web site. If anyone is interested
      I can provide details on the RS-422 to RS-232 converter.

      '92 Solectria Force
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