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Re: Single battery replacement

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  • ldr214
    Ken thanks for sharing. Good to hear that the battery helped. I have been shopping batteries for awhile and have a friend in the solar supply system. They sell
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 18, 2007
      Ken thanks for sharing. Good to hear that the battery helped.

      I have been shopping batteries for awhile and have a friend in the
      solar supply system. They sell Deka's and have to check almost daily
      before they can give a quote on batteries as the price goes up
      frequently because of both increases in lead prices and transportation.

      One thing I found was that so far when you go for 13 most suppliers
      will drop ship them at no cost.

      I found a deal on some "slightly" used grp 27 agm and will see how
      that goes over the next month or so. It is sort of a test run for our
      local EAA chapter. Haven't put them in yet, still enjoying the gels.
      I'm anticipating some balance issues with the agm; time will tell.

      My gels have 23500+, a few in there starting to show their age. The
      Paktrakr has them well identified.

      97 Force

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, Ken Olum <kdo@...> wrote:
      > After a fair amount of delay, I have replaced the one bad battery in
      > my pack. My Force appears to be working properly now, although I don't
      > know about the range.
      > Here are some notes about the process I went through:
      > First I tried Azure. They no longer sell batteries, although they
      > will still supply them if they are putting them in themselves.
      > Then I looked on the net. I found two companies offering 8G27
      > batteries for on the order of $130: 12-volts-batteries.com
      > and solarhome.org. However, they did not have the right
      > terminals. I requested quotes online, but did not receive them. I
      > called both companies, and 12-volts-batteries called me back with a
      > quote well over $200, and solarhome.org did not call me back at all.
      > Then I found batteryspec.com, but what they have is a
      > supposedly equivalent battery, which I did not want to risk.
      > Then I went to the next group of suppliers, who had prices around
      > $175. I found blackwatersports.net, invisa-flo.com, mrsolar.com,
      > nationalsolarsupply.com, and altenergystore.com. I requested quotes
      > from all. Ben Gorman of altenergystore.com got back to me right away,
      > and none of the others ever answered, so I went with
      > altenergystore.com.
      > Ben Gorman was extremely helpful and communicative. He reported that
      > MK does not make the 8G27 with T881 terminals, which was what I was
      > asking for. Instead they had a very similar battery called the "E 27
      > SLD G", which could be had with T881's. However, I noticed that on
      > the altenergystore.com web site they listed in the 8G27 with T876
      > terminals as the default. This is a different style of "flag"
      > terminal. In fact, I think they are better, because the head of the
      > bolt in the T881 presses against the top of the post, so that in
      > principle you could tighten it with only one wrench and perhaps damage
      > the seal, whereas the T876 forces you to use two. After verifying that
      > my cables would work fine with the T876 terminals and they would have
      > no trouble fitting in the box, I ordered one of these.
      > Unfortunately, what arrived a week later had stud and SAE terminals
      > instead of the T876's that I'd ordered. So I complained to
      > altenergystore.com, and Ben Gorman got back to me right away saying
      > that he checked the message sent with the drop shipment request and
      > T876 had been clearly specified. MK agreed to come with a truck and
      > swap for the right battery, but unfortunately it took 2 more weeks
      > because they did not have the right thing in stock here in
      > Massachusetts. I'm not so happy with MK, but Alternative Energy
      > Store has been terrific through the whole thing.
      > So now I have a battery with T876 terminals. It fit perfectly in
      > the car (after shaving off the handle attachment as usual) and
      > accepted my cables with no difficulty. It is, however, labeled
      > "E 27 SLD G". Looking at the specs
      > (http://www.mkbattery.com/images/MK_Gel_v4_web.pdf) reveals that some
      > things are identical and others very close. I suspect an "E 27 SLD G"
      > is exactly the same thing as an 8G27, except for the terminals, and
      > they just redid some of the tests and got slightly different values.
      > MK also makes a S27SLDG which appears the same as E27SLDG in every
      > detail. I don't know why battery companies need to have so many names
      > for the same thing (including the company: MK, Deka, East Penn,
      > Gel-Tech).
      > The final cost: $190 plus $21 shipping.
      > Ken Olum
      > 1998 Force
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