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Public EV Charger Guardians needed

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  • Bruce EVangel Parmenter
    Today I had a job in Hercules (a long drive in the company ICE). On the way back I stopped at the Richmond Hill-Top Mall. I have seen on the EV charging maps
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
      Today I had a job in Hercules (a long drive in the company ICE).
      On the way back I stopped at the Richmond Hill-Top Mall. I have
      seen on the EV charging maps (see my second page) that this mall
      had EV charging but I have never been there to verify it.

      Personally I do not see myself using it as from Alameda, to take
      Hwy 80 is very energy wasteful (like Hwy 280 its not flat and
      uses an extra 30% of energy). And there is only one EVI ICS-200
      charger (the model that would rather complain than give full
      power to conversions).

      I took the exit off Hwy 80, and cruised the Mall parking lots
      searching for the chargers. The EV chargers at Sun Valley Mall
      (Concord) is in front of the Macy's.

      They were easy to find as the EV charging was the only parking
      that was empty and in front of the Penny's. EV chargers should
      never be installed in the front of a store. Gas cars park there,
      and the public think the EV spots are not used. EV charging
      should be installed in non perferrencial locations.

      I checked the ICS-200 by pushing the charge button. If the
      charger was on, it would have a digital woman's voice complaining
      that the EV was not connected. The charger was not on.

      I pulled the gen2 Magne Charger (large) paddle and waited for the
      LCD display to light up. It was also off.

      I was disgusted. Too many EV chargers installed with partial
      funding from tax payer money, just to have a lame store/mall
      manager turn them off. I have found turned off EV chargers at
      listed Malls and Costcos.

      I called the Mall management office. After wading through several
      voice mail layers to ask for who would be in charge of the EV
      chargers, I finally got the Mall manager, and he answered the
      phone with, "Yea, want do you want? ..."

      I told him who I was and that I represented the Electric Vehicle
      community. I asked him if he knew that the EV chargers were off.

      He said "no".

      I told him his EV chargers were listed on the internet. There are
      EV drivers that come long distances to charge and spend money at
      his mall. It does your mall no good to install EV chargers and
      then turn them off.

      He said he would look into it.
      Not to be blown off, I gave him my full name and telephone number
      encase anyone approached him about EVs. I asked him to call me
      when the EV chargers were back on.

      He said he would have them on by the end of the day.

      This means that the the EV chargers that are listed are not
      necessarily on and the EV driver could have to work to get the
      EV chargers turned back on.

      What would be a better solution is to have a person near a public
      EV charger, to adopt it, check it regularly and work to keep them

      In essence, we need Public EV Charger Guardians to keep them on
      and available.

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