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Additional info: need a member to handle the group

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  • Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter
    FYI: Typically I spend 5 minutes per day per group maintaining them. By the way, the group may want to use the group s web Poll feature to do the group vote
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2007
      FYI: Typically I spend 5 minutes per day per group maintaining them.

      By the way, the group may want to use the group's web "Poll" feature
      to do the group vote (or not).

      When I was starting out, I went to 'yahoo help' for answers. Its good
      reference material (like reading the

      manual). Now that I have been 'driving around' these groups for years,
      most of what is needed to maintain them is

      not very much. Once people are 'in', I do not need to do much, or

      First of all, this is an opportunity for the group to make changes
      they may have wanted to make for a while:

      i.e.: how hard it is to get into the group.

      Currently there is a petition process to join the group, which for
      some it may seem overkill. But once a member

      is in, I am basically hands off. Only one major issue comes to mind
      when a dealer (in a different group) had to

      be removed even though they had agreed to not blatantly troll for more
      business (this changes the favor of the


      The petition could be turned off and then it would be up to you how
      you handle new members, choices:

      -make the group wide open (anyone can join at anytime): not
      recommended, there are way-too many

      automated/scripted spammers out there

      -put the new member in a pending status until approved (currently in
      place) and you can make the judgment call

      from there (difficult, spammers are creative and sneaky)

      -allow new members in, but make their subscription put member's posts
      in a pending status (does not actually post

      until you approve them - this is what the sparrow_ev team does). Once
      the new member has proven they are real and

      not a spammer, then the member's posting status could be changed to

      By the way, there are people that want to be members that want to talk
      conversion EVs or are joining to 'learn'

      EVs. Currently, I have a ' pending member subscription ' file (in the
      files area all can see) that explains the

      group's focus, preference, and redirects EV-noobs to the EV List. This
      also can change if the group so desires:

      change the group to let everyone in; not just Solectria owners/interested

      As you can see 99.9% of my group effort was to keep it clean. The
      duties you will have to regularly spend time on

      is to handle new memberships or if the group is wide open: removing &
      blocking spammers; removing all the links,

      files, and other entries they have scripts to instantly put on a yahoo

      I spend 5 minutes per day per group doing this.

      As it has been posted, this group is a pretty self maintaining (and
      smart/cool) bunch. There will likely be

      little to do but handle the new memberships.

      [I pray this group does not get taken over by spammers like the
      ranger_ev group I lost control over. I had to

      make a ranger-ev group to replace it, and implemented the petition
      process that stopped spammers cold.

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