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Re: Air Conditioning Condenser Fan

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  • dufus2020
    Would you please provide additional detail information? Specifically, the fan model and where obtained, how it was mounted, what needed to be added/modified
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2006
      Would you please provide additional detail information?
      Specifically, the fan model and where obtained, how it was mounted,
      what needed to be added/modified for mounting, where was the 12vdc
      obtained, fuse protection sizing and type, etc.

      I live north of Houston, TX. Auto A/C for my 1995 Force is year
      round due to the humidity/heat. For nine months of the year, the A/C
      does not cycle. It operates continuously.

      If you want to take this off-line, my contact info is:

      Charles Birkhead
      cb02 at ridemetro.org

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "ldr214" <replytome@...> wrote:
      > I added another electric fan to the a/c condenser on my 97 Force.
      > had it in place for over a month now and feel that the results are
      > worth the effort.
      > I live in Vacaville, CA, which is in the central valley near
      > Sacramento. Summers are known for hot afternoons with mid 90's to
      > 100 being pretty typical. The air conditioning on the Force just
      > didn't seem to be able to provide what I considered adequate cooling
      > in these conditions. Everything is working and freon levels are
      > correct. My experience was that as temperatures get into the 90 to
      > 100's the a/c wasn't worth running. If I was going to transport it
      > around 365 days a year I had a desire for it to be more useful in
      > heat.
      > Investigating the problem in an attempt to get some cooler air on
      > days I found that when Solectria converted the Metro they removed
      > radiator and its fan. The radiator fan was positioned so it also
      > provided cooling for the driver side of the a/c condenser.
      > Step 5 in the GM service manual for the insufficient a/c cooling is
      > check the operation of the radiator fan. As noted in the GM service
      > manual high condenser temperature can result in the hot high
      > gaseous liquid freon not returning to a medium temperature liquid
      > state. Without a fan the first third of the condenser is essentially
      > uncooled which results in high temperatures when the outside air
      > cool enough for the other portion of the condenser to adequately
      > down the temp.
      > I was able to install a 9-inch electric fan in front of the
      > covering most of the side that was originally cooled by the radiator
      > fan. The results are positive. The pressure reading with and without
      > the extra fan installed support the original design requirement for
      > being there. The temperature of the condenser is much cooler with
      > extra fan. Inside the car the duct readings are lower and the system
      > responds more quickly. On mild days (80's) with lower blower
      > the compressor actually cycles on and off in response to the
      > evaporator sensor getting down to 32 degrees. We haven't been in the
      > 100's yet but the system is definitely better in the 90's with the
      > extra fan.
      > Installation was rather easy with no bracket fabrication required
      > using a 9-inch low profile fan. Locating it just behind the a/c
      > installation only required loosening the drier bracket, removing the
      > horn and disconnecting the condenser pressure switch. All these
      > re-installed normally after the fan is in place. I wired it using a
      > simple saddle splice on the factory fan wire.
      > Downside is a bit more noise outside the vehicle, an increase in
      > weight by about 2 lb. and the consumption of a few more watts.
      > is being "cool" in the EV on a hot day.
      > If your interested in a bit more efficiency in the a/c I'll be glad
      > to answer any questions and provide more detail to anyone
      > Mike
      > 97
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