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Re: [force_ev] amp-hour tester

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  • theoldcars@aol.com
    Hello Ken I was not aware of anything that did that either. I had a bunch of used Lead Acid batteries I had to test and I was getting tried of how long it
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2005
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      Hello Ken

      I was not aware of anything that did that either. I had a bunch of used Lead
      Acid batteries I had to test and I was getting tried of how long it took to
      do the load test.

      So I did some searches and found the Accuracy PLUS Battery & Charging System
      Tester number 3165. The best price I found was from a company that sells on
      eBay usatoolwarehouse 249.95. It also does some other testing for cars but I
      have not really looked at that. Here is how they describe it.
      The OTC Accuracy Series gives you comprehensive battery test capabilities
      using patented SPX technology. The Accuracy applies three consecutive loads to
      the battery while monitoring voltage drop, recovery time, and slope. This
      load-test method offers you greater speed, greater ease, and greater accuracy.
      How many suspect batteries have you seen come in fully charged? The Accuracy
      Plus Professional will test batteries down to 1 volt.
      * Tests most batteries down to a zero state of charge.
      * Fast operating, test time only 13 seconds.
      * Applies three different loads to ensure accurate testing.
      * Eight-digit warranty encryption code for warranty documentation.
      * Displays actual CCA of the battery in only one second.
      * Full battery diagnostics includes starter test, alternator test,
      diode ripple test, and bad cell detection.
      * Scroll feature to freeze test results.
      No. 3165 - Accuracy Plus Professional with carrying case. Provides complete
      battery diagnostics plus Quick Test and starter, charging, and electrical
      system tests.

      I tested this over and over and have found it was just about right on what I
      was finding with the load drain test I was doing. I was using an inverter
      with a 500 watt halogen lamp with a plug in clock. Batteries lasted around 35
      to 45 minutes and tester showed Ah very close to the right amount.

      The OTC works only on Lead Acid as far as I know.

      Don Blazer

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      From: theoldcars@...
      Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:46:41 EDT

      In case anyone is interested I just bought a Ah tester from OTC. In
      about 10 seconds you know what Ah capacity of a battery. Cost 249
      brand new and is really a great tool. Sure beats all the work and
      time of seeing how long they last under a load.

      This does not seem credible. How does it claim to function? I don't
      think you can determine the capacity of a battery without actually
      drawing the energy out, and I don't think you can predict the capacity
      over an hour by the capacity over ten seconds.


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