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9943DMOC445 help

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  • Patrick Collins
    Jul 28, 2014

      I have posted here a couple of times, but I could really use the help of someone knowledgeable of the Azure Dynamics CAN DMOC. I'm a Master's student and I have got the vehicle driving (hits around 50, and can easily do more). However, when I activate regen it seems like I am getting echoing on the CAN bus. I have two termination points on the network, and to my knowledge the DMOC has not logged any errors lately (need to double check).

      Additionally, in order to accelerate I have to barely push on the pedal. Once it gets going I can gradually apply more pedal. If you try to apply too much pedal, things shake and it feels like there's no power at the motor.

      Our ECU was programmed by New Eagle (who at the time had partnered with Azure and Ford for the transit). I feel like these issues are probably trivial but since Azure is gone, tech support is non existent. 

      Controller: Azure CAN DMOC445
      Motor: Azure AC55
      ECU: New Eagle (pedal came from them too)
      Battery pack: 35 kWh Calb LiFePO4 (3.3 VDC, 100 Ah, 104 cells)
      BMS: Elithion Lithiumate Pro
      Vehicle: 1997 GMC Jimmy
      Direct drive to rear differential

      Email me at pcollinskume@... if you are interested in helping and I can get you more details.

      Thank you,
      Patrick Collins
      Mechanical Engineering
      University of Kansas
      M.S. 2014
      B.S. 2012
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