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990Re: Any priced chargers?

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  • Mike Phillips
    Jul 2, 2004
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      I'd be interested in knowing how your charger ticks :)

      What exactly does it do/not do?

      I am currently atttempting to rebuild a BC1600. They have relatively
      simple hardware, but debug takes awhile due to the higher power
      throughput. If this rebuild attempt is suceessful, maybe other units
      can be rebuilt. I could not afford an EV if the chargers are going to
      die every few years.


      --- In force_ev@yahoogroups.com, "cfrkeepr" <cfrkeepr@y...> wrote:
      > This is very dicouraging. My charger developed a tick. I thought
      > that I could get it repaired. It is so old that there is no
      > information on it. Solectria has no more chargers in stock. They
      > sent me to Brusa, any one out there price a new charger lately? Over
      > $5,000. What in the world is going on? Obviously the car is useless
      > without a charger but I can't invest another $5000 after already
      > investing as much to get the car and new batteries up and running.
      > Maybe the ICE people know something we EV's don't. Long story short
      > Are there any reasonable chargers to be had? Please help me.
      > Bouton Baldridge
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