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989Re: [force_ev] Any priced chargers?

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  • Aaron Birenboim
    Jul 1, 2004
      d. Bouton Baldridge wrote:
      > Thanks for the feedback. You helped me confirm my decision to get the Zivan, in that I have new flooded batteries and the price was less than $1000, with the temp compensation.
      > Bouty

      Good. I have floodeds too.
      I'm not getting the capacity I should, but I'm still trying.

      I was hoping to get those little watering caps... the ones
      with plastic tubes and little float valves to automaticly
      fill to the correct level.
      I thought it might work as well to set this up in the
      front battery box with the flooded pack on Zivan as
      to try and put regulators on SLA batteries.

      Unfortunately, my 85Ah (C/20) rated Trojan G24 modules
      are only delivering around 22Ah when the sag hits
      the 10.5v/module limit.

      I have two "stinker" batteries... but they aren't that bad.
      Only a couple of tenths of a V (max) lower than their neighbors
      when I check. I have a half-built module-voltage monitor
      in the basement to help and see if those two stinkers are enough
      to reduce the capacity that drasticly.
      I'd think that an 85Ah battery should be able to deliver
      at least 50Ah in EV use... call it 40Ah worst case to 80% DoD....
      not the 22 I'm getting.

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      Albuquerque, NM |
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