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9879Re: [solectria_ev] Re: NLG412B problem

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  • Wolf
    Jun 26 8:01 AM
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      If the Zener is not shorted, then it is not the same failure mode as the one I fixed...

      If you only want to send the large I/O board, I would also need the smaller processor board that plugs into it, (there are calibration values stored on the EEPROM, that are matched to the I/O board).

      This also assumes there are no problems in the power converter section (something did short out somewhere blowing the fuse).

      I could fix the board, but then the charger might still not work when it is reinstalled.

      For others that want to troubleshoot these types of problems (warning take high voltage precautions):

      What I would do to troubleshoot this... Assemble the charger, but leave the case off.

      Then plug in the battery pack, but not the AC power.

      Then follow the output voltage sense line (small thin trace) to the first component.

      See how that component effects the voltage.

      Did a resistor divider change the output voltage to what you would expect given the values?

      Did a Zener diode drop what it is rated for?

      Does the voltage on a certain IC make sense according to the parts datasheet.


      And then work my way back from the pack power connector all the way back to the microcontroller ADC pin...

      We know 0 volts is getting to the ADC pin, so we know somewhere along the way we will hit a bad part.

      Troubleshooting 101. ;D

      Note: I am making the huge assumption that the ADC in the Micro is working... You can check this by powering up the charger, and with monlog, if all the battery temp sensors are reading large negative values. Then the ADC is bad, and you need a new micro.

      On Jun 25, 2014 6:36 PM, "mtoussaint17799@... [solectria_ev]" <solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi Wolf,

      The Zener doesn't seem to be shorted, test give 0,508 and 1,597.

      If you do repair services, maybe can I ship only that board or can it be something on another board ?


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