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987Re: [force_ev] Any priced chargers?

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  • Aaron Birenboim
    Jul 1 6:02 AM
      umarc wrote:
      > On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, cfrkeepr wrote:
      >>Are there any reasonable chargers to be had? Please help me.
      > When I needed a new charger three years ago, I was tempted to try building
      > my own. But I ended up buying a Zivan NG-3; it was under a thousand
      > dollars. I don't know if it is still available, but the user's manual
      > lists two U.S. dealers:
      > Electric Conversions
      > 215 14th Street
      > Sacramento, CA 95814
      > (916) 441-4161
      > Zapi Inc.
      > 6220 Angus Drive Street 102
      > Raleigh, NC 27613
      > (919) 789-4588
      > Rob Landry
      > umarc@...

      IMOHO, the Zivan has a nasty finish-charge algorithm, and
      will shorten the life of anything but flooded batteries.
      Might want to check if Zapi has chips to provide gentler

      There was a canadian company (forgetting the name) that
      has a well-respected charger, but they max-out at 72v.
      If you have an old 144v system, you could get two of them.
      They had q in their name or something (NOT Soneil)
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