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9842Gel Lead Acid Replacement Batteries

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  • adamjacknow
    Jun 11, 2014


      When looking into replacing the 52 batteries in the van I came across a number of different options and was hoping to get some feedback/advice.

      The batteries have the following specs:

      • AGM/gel lead acid type
      • Size 24
      • 12v operational (14v max)
      • Rated for 74 Amp Hours @ 20 Hours
      • 335 Cold Cranking Amps
      The original batteries in the van are Deka Dominator 8G24NH. These cost $262 EA from a Deka distributor with a total cost of $13624

      When looking online I found a few alternatives for less money and wanted to know what y'all thought of them or if you had any other suggestions as to where I should look for this type of battery.

      $189.95 EA w/ $3746.60 savings over Deka.
      This option appears to have the same case and terminal as the Deka battery and is the #1 contender.

      $128.95 EA w/ $6918.60 savings over Deka

      These are chinese and I question their reliability (I have had unfavorable experiences with smaller scale chinese replacement batteries).

      UPG24 AGM Battery

      $256.68 EA w/ $276.64 savings over Deka

      These appear to be really high quality (oooh, gold plated terminals) but will require adaptors that will eat up any potential savings (@ ~$4 per battery or ~$200 total).

      Lifeline 12v 80 AH Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Battery GPL-24T


      $217.95 EA w/ $2290.60 savings over Deka
      These seem like a worthy competitor though they will require adaptors (same as above).


      A conversion to lithium is not realistic right now considering the batteries will cost around 1.5-2 times as much and other components (charger, etc.) will need to be replaced or modified.

      The potential savings with some of these alternate batteries are pretty large, but I don't want to sacrifice reliability or battery life in the name of saving a few bucks now because it can come back to bite me in the long run.

      Thank you for any input,


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