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9763Re: [solectria_ev] OBD-II Connector for Airbag diagnostic

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  • mtoussaint17799
    May 12, 2014
      Thanks Randy.
      97 is really OBD-II but I found a diagnosis connector identical to the one of the Suzuki Swift under the dash. Shorting 1 and 3 put it in diag mode and gives some flash codes. It reads 1-2 , 1-3, 2-2

      First 2, no idea, it's not on the swift flash codes. 2-2 is apparently low resistance on the driver side airbag.

      As the horn is working, I don't think it's the clock spring...

      I tried the swift reset procedure short-open in 1 second interval... didn't work.

      I need to go the mechanic for news brakes on thursday, I'll ask them if they can do anything about it...


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