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9762Re: [solectria_ev] OBD-II Connector for Airbag diagnostic

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  • Randy Carter
    May 12, 2014
      If it wasn't for the test on a 1999 car I would suggest that it could be a OBD 1 car. 1997 is a transnational year between when OBD 2 was mandated and required to be implemented. Earlier car models only supported emissions information and didn't go into the subsystems like air bags or anti lock brakes.

      One problem I've run across with Geo Metros is what they call the clock spring. A long coiled flex print in the steering wheel to connect the spinning air bag and switches to the stationary column. A handy check is honk the horn. If it doesn't work you know the clock spring is bad and start there. If it does you might try checking the resistance of the airbag from under the dash. You'll need the service manual to find the connector pins to test with a digital meter. A reminder, before you test make sure the 12v power is off. Poking around with the battery connected (or the DC/DC running) might set the system off.

      That's my suggestion. Clock springs aren't particularity cheap and can be easily damaged during installation. I do not recommend a used one. Since you have no idea of its real condition. It is a critical safety part after all.

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      Subject: [solectria_ev] OBD-II Connector for Airbag diagnostic
      Date: 11 May 2014 20:49:24 -0700

      Hello !
      I am restoring a 1997 Solectria Force. It is one the NJ Morristown "station cars". It works fine now but I still have one little problem. The airbag light flashes 7 times and than stays on.
      My guess is that the airbag battery was depleted and the control unit stored an error that need to be cleared with a scan tool.
      When I connect a scan tool to the OBD-II, nothing happens. So I went to a friend who has a 99 Solectria in perfect condition and his OBD-II connector is not working either with his scan tool nor with mine.

      Is it because there is no ECU in this car ? Do we need to wire some 12V to the connector ?

      Any help on this would be appreciated !


      Michel Toussaint
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