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9760OBD-II Connector for Airbag diagnostic

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  • mtoussaint17799
    May 11, 2014
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      Hello !
      I am restoring a 1997 Solectria Force. It is one the NJ Morristown "station cars".  It works fine now but I still have one little problem. The airbag light flashes 7 times and than stays on.
      My guess is that the airbag battery was depleted and the control unit stored an error that need to be cleared with a scan tool.
      When I connect a scan tool to the OBD-II, nothing happens. So I went to a friend who has a 99 Solectria in perfect condition and his OBD-II connector is not working either with his scan tool nor with mine.

      Is it because there is no ECU in this car ? Do we need to wire some 12V to the connector ?

      Any help on this would be appreciated !


      Michel Toussaint

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