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9756Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Thinking of buying a dead '97 Solectria

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  • Joe Booth
    May 10, 2014
      Does anybody want to purchase a 1994 Solectria. It is a 3 door (2 doors and a rear hatch).
      The car is solid but needs batteries (currently has 19 – 12 volt Decka Gel Cells).
      I live in Connecticut but, shipping costs are not that bad. The vehicle was purchased from the University of Massachusetts and was used in the Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program that included Solar Charging at Commuter Train Stations.
      I would be open to offers over $2,000.00. I may put it on e-bay but, I wanted to offer it to the group first.
      You may e-mail me for further details. I may also consider donating it to a good cause.
      On Saturday, May 3, 2014 9:29 PM, Robert McElwee <miatamail@...> wrote:

      Well, I didn't get the Solectria. It was on Ebay and ended up going for $3700. The $3700 (guessing $4000 after getting in a bidding war with the buyer) plus new batteries just wasn't in the cards for me. Also, I have a Miata with a 383 stroker engine in it that requires some work so I didn't want two project cars sitting around at the same time. I'm still looking and you guys will definitely hear from me again.

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 5:49 AM, Robert McElwee <miatamail@...> wrote:
      I'm a shade tree mechanic with a little welding experience, a little electrical experience, and a nice workshop at the house to store/work on a Solectrica. I have a good income but I am very frugal (cheap). I currently drive a '94 Geo Metro as my "work car" and get around 50 MPG. I'm looking at buying a '97 Solectria Force with a dead battery pack. I'm in Charleston, SC so I have fairly moderate weather. The place I work is 16 miles away and the drive is 45-55 MPH on mostly flat roads. I'll be able to charge the car at home and at work (12 hour shifts). 

      A few questions:

      1) Is the Solectria the car for me?
      2) What kind of battery pack should I be replacing the current Decca Gels with?
      3) How much total for the replacements?
      4) Any modifications needed when replacing the batteries with something else?

      Thanks in advance for any info/help you can give me!

      Robert McElwee and Sleepy (V8 Miata)

      The Beer Cooler (Miata Trailer):

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