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9755Re: Thinking of buying a dead '97 Solectria

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  • Robert McElwee
    May 3, 2014
      Well, I didn't get the Solectria. It was on Ebay and ended up going for $3700. The $3700 (guessing $4000 after getting in a bidding war with the buyer) plus new batteries just wasn't in the cards for me. Also, I have a Miata with a 383 stroker engine in it that requires some work so I didn't want two project cars sitting around at the same time. I'm still looking and you guys will definitely hear from me again.

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 5:49 AM, Robert McElwee <miatamail@...> wrote:
      I'm a shade tree mechanic with a little welding experience, a little electrical experience, and a nice workshop at the house to store/work on a Solectrica. I have a good income but I am very frugal (cheap). I currently drive a '94 Geo Metro as my "work car" and get around 50 MPG. I'm looking at buying a '97 Solectria Force with a dead battery pack. I'm in Charleston, SC so I have fairly moderate weather. The place I work is 16 miles away and the drive is 45-55 MPH on mostly flat roads. I'll be able to charge the car at home and at work (12 hour shifts). 

      A few questions:

      1) Is the Solectria the car for me?
      2) What kind of battery pack should I be replacing the current Decca Gels with?
      3) How much total for the replacements?
      4) Any modifications needed when replacing the batteries with something else?

      Thanks in advance for any info/help you can give me!

      Robert McElwee and Sleepy (V8 Miata)

      The Beer Cooler (Miata Trailer):
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