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  • Charles Bliss
    May 3, 2014
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      I have a '93 that was the square motor - belt drive but that failed.  It is now a hand built motor that is mounted to the 5 speed and is my daily driver.  I have had more problems with the drivers window, than the motor over the last 10K miles.  That is to say, I installed the motor and have not touched it since.  I had trouble with the Lead Acid batteries.  I installed Lithium and they have been trouble free.  I highly recommend moving away from lead.

      About the window, there is an adjustment procedure in the Suzuki Swift shop manual.

      On 5/3/2014 7:20 AM, gbeckman@... wrote:

      Our Solectria is a 91 prototype. It has 11 batteries and one squareish motor mounted very low with a short belt drive to the 5 speed. It is a Metro Hatchback and has air conditioning. Haven't driven it since yesterday. 

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