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9749Re: [solectria_ev] Hello - new member Chris. 'Looking at a '90 Solectria EV

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  • janzicek
    May 2, 2014
      I worked for a company called Ovonic Battery Company in the 90's.  We had a solectria that was from 1990 or 1991.  It was a hatchback with dual motors and they were belt drive.  When opening the hood you could see the two motors right up top and the belts fed down to the half shafts.  I think there were two motor controllers.  We had converted our car to NiMH batteries and it had about 120 miles range.  We had very few problems with our solectria's and that I why I bought my own quite a while ago.  Since then I have converted to lithium and have done a lot of fabrication etc...  I think they are great project cars and there is a wealth of knowlege on these forums.  The early cars, however, may not be so well documented and may be a little harder to find information on.  If it were me, I would jump on it at that price (the new batteries are probably worth almost that amount), but I am pretty confident that I can fix electrical issues in addition the mechanical ones.

      Bottom line:  if you do buy it, and you need help, this forum will support you.

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