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9645Re: [solectria_ev] Oasis Firefly Batteries

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  • theoldcars
    Feb 1 11:47 PM
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      Per the Firefly web site 


      80% DOD 1000 cycles

      What you don't know is at what amp load?

      The highest amp load they show 20.2 amps x 5 hours which
      is not real world loads for a EV.

      Firefly pack would weigh 975 pounds I believe 
      about 75 more then a gel pack

      CALB CA 60AH pack weighs 740 pounds less.

      Not sure what the costs of the Firefly is but I doubt it's less
      then a gel pack. The gel cells are they around 240 each?

      For about 30% more then gel you can buy a CALB 60AH pack

      The CALB pack would have far more cycle life and greatly
      Improved all around performance. 

      I am not able to post costs on the CALB cells because it's less
      then anyone else including buying directly from CALB. 

      Once you put in a LiFePo4 pack you will never go back to lead. 
      Just ask any of the LiFePo4 drivers on this list. 


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      My understanding is 3x the lifetime of the typical lead acid battery.

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