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9642Oasis Firefly Batteries

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  • theoldcars
    Jan 31 12:23 PM
      I remember the old Firefly well. It all sounded really great. A large well known company and even a city was investing in them.
      With all the claims made about a vastly superior battery the actual product was not much better then the existing lead. This is just performance to start with. I never heard anything about cycle or calendar life.
      Unless feed back is from EV driver who is not associated with sales.  I am skeptical of battery manufacturer claims.
      As far as lead, it has been hard in the past to beat the flooded lead, for cost per mile. I just talked to a EV driver who replaced his flooded lead. His cost was 31 cents a mile which surprised me. The Gel cells in a Force would be far less per mile. I would guess the average in a Force with gels is about 15,000 and the performance starts falling off.
      Yes there are a few who had 20,000 on a pack like myself, or even up to 30,000 miles but I feel that would be a rare driver who could live with the very limited performance. You also would have to replace a few batteries along the way so your cost up front is not the full cost. The same can be said for LiFePo4 cells but at least you just have to replace a cell not 5 other good ones with it.
      In 2005 I put in a new gel pack and was disappointed in how they performed. I bought the Force with  higher mile gel pack so I was hopeful a new pack would be much better. From that point on I have been in search of a better battery.
      My feelings on the new Firefly. If its really good they will not have to try to sell their battery it would sell itself.
      The cost of lead has gone up so much and LiFePo4 has vastly improved in both performance for less dollars. If you figure your cost per mile for most EV drivers lead is far more costly.
      If you put in a 40AH pack of LiFePo4 which is not much more then lead. With all the weight loss your all around performance is vastly improved. The cycle life and calendar life is a huge gain.
      Bouty has used a small pack of LiFePo4.
      The last I heard it seems to me Bouty should be recouping his additional costs over a lead pack.
      My discloser
      I have been trying to bring down the cost of CALB cells because they have a lot of good feed back from EV drivers. My goal is to help other drivers upgrade their packs that in the end are better off. If someone can find a better battery for less money please let me know. Selling batteries is not how I make a living. I don't need to do this but I want others to get the most out of their EV investment.
      My business of 28 years at the same location. www.westhillscollision.com 
      So here is my challenge to anyone. Find a better battery then the CALB CA series (the gray cells) with a proven track record for less cost per mile. There are many on the list who obtained CALB cells from me. I think the CALB cells are the best value but then that is why I am doing it.
      For years there was always a 5X or 10X improved battery to be on the market soon. I gave up waiting for them years ago. I would be really happy if just a 2X would really happen.
      Don Blazer
      In a message dated 1/31/2014 10:18:29 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, ehsif727@... writes:

      I recently talked to a representative from the new Firefly Oasis battery company.  As you may know that the original company went bankrupt in 2010.  The new company is now selling batteries and seemed very interested in seeing the new batteries in an EV like the Force Selectria.  The only batteries they make is the group 31 battery.  You may remember the group 31 silicone bateries I put in the Force about 6 years ago.  They were about 1/2 inch shorter and 8 pound heaver than the Firefly battery is.  I did make a small modification to make them fix in the front battery compartment but it would take a huge modification to make the firefly batteries work.  Mark Wendman is the person I talked to at Firefly.  The new battery he claims will have a lifespan 3 times that of other lead batteries so I would like to try them if I can figure the battery box modification.

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