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9641Oasis Firefly Batteries

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  • ehsif727
    Jan 31, 2014
      I recently talked to a representative from the new Firefly Oasis battery company.  As you may know that the original company went bankrupt in 2010.  The new company is now selling batteries and seemed very interested in seeing the new batteries in an EV like the Force Selectria.  The only batteries they make is the group 31 battery.  You may remember the group 31 silicone bateries I put in the Force about 6 years ago.  They were about 1/2 inch shorter and 8 pound heaver than the Firefly battery is.  I did make a small modification to make them fix in the front battery compartment but it would take a huge modification to make the firefly batteries work.  Mark Wendman is the person I talked to at Firefly.  The new battery he claims will have a lifespan 3 times that of other lead batteries so I would like to try them if I can figure the battery box modification.
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