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9638Solectria Rebuild Update

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  • sg101720
    Jan 24, 2014
      Hi All!

      The rebuild of my 1992 Solectria Force has been going quite well. Everything is running, except the A/C but it's below freezing now and I think it just needs a freon recharge.


      I have the NiMH working but they are nearly 20 years old and pretty much only good for 10-12 AHs of driving range and I just don't have the time to really revive them. It's OK as a grocery getter but I really need to upgrade this pack to Lithium, probably CALB 100AH. My Civic EV has CALB SE180AH and I love them, but they were expensive and 100AH should be good enough for the Force.

      I do have leftover components that I am willing to sell to earn some money for batteries:

      BC6600 Charger (6.6 KW)
      Two DC/DC380 150-250v Input 12v Output
      Ovonics NiMH DAQ Board unit