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9635Re: BMS low-voltage cutout

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  • janzicek
    Jan 24, 2014
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      Hello all, I know this is an old thread... but I just saw it the other day when someone else posted something on it.  About a year ago I put half of a volt pack in my solectria (running 200V at top of charge).  I too used the elithion BMS and wanted a separation of the traction and DC/DC converter power.  So I built a simple analog UVLO circuit to put inline with the DC/DC converter HV feed.  See attached photos.  If anyone is interested I can share the schematic etc...   The circuit works great, I have put quite a few miles on it and luckily I have never activated the UVLO, but I did test it to make sure it's effective.

      In the photos see album titled "UVLO circuit...." it is potted in SilGuard because it is installed underhood.  The scope plot shows input v and output v.  Output is the one that cuts in and cuts out based on input voltage.  It also has some hysteresis to prevent oscillation.  The circuit is installed in the positive power line of the DC/DC input.



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