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9631Re: [solectria_ev] Re:3. Does the DC-DC converter have LVCO?

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  • William Swann
    Jan 22 1:53 PM
      Hello again. On the saft batteries, how/what level do you fill the batteries to with distilled water? You can see the water level, and there are 2 ports.

      On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 10:46 AM, jwolfe@... <jwolfe@...> wrote:

      Don't quote me, but IIRC the DC-DC in my E-10 has a low voltage cutoff of
      85V on 144V input.

      At least that's about where it quit operating when the pack went that low.

      Jim - Glendale, AZ

      3. Does the DC-DC converter have LVCO?
      Posted by: "geo_homsy2"
      Date: Thu Sep 6, 2012 11:16 pm ((PDT))

      Hi all-

      I'm busy with my LiFePO4 conversion, with eLithion BMS.

      I have a question: Does the Solectria DC to DC converter have any internal
      low voltage cutoff circuitry?

      I wish to use the BMS to protect the traction pack from over-discharging,
      obviously, but the issue here is slow over-discharge from leaving the car
      sitting around, off the charger.

      If anyone knows the answer to this question, I would be MUCH obliged.


      99 Force

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      Thanks, Bill S
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