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959Group status: good, bouncing subscriptions

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  • Bruce EVangel Parmenter
    Apr 3, 2004
      Group members,

      yahoo groups seems to be working OK.
      Late at night, yahoo does their maintenance. You may
      see a different login screen or a delay in your POST
      being sent out. Best response seems to be between
      10am to 5pm PST.

      I received a message stating:

      You may want to find out why active, valid members who
      have never violated the lists rules are summarily being

      As it states in the petition you stated you have read:

      Note: Yahoo groups turns off subscriptions with
      email addresses that bounce (they could not
      send to your email address). If your subscription
      is 'dropped', don't get angry, or take it
      personal, just re-subscribe with a non-bouncing
      email address.

      Yahoo email accounts don't seem to bounce (go figure).

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