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9555Re: [solectria_ev] DMOC vs Brusa controller

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  • Newton Hausermann
    Dec 15, 2013
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      To answer number 2 it's an effect of both, the engineering team i'm on had that issues when the cells were cold (reducing output). RC cars have this issues when not running a good battery, simply the pack sag's too much to deliver power causing the lurching. It could be bouncing off the low voltage cut off, or the voltage is just dropping enough to cause a loss in power. Simple the DMOC is pulling too much power too much power and the depleted pack can't handle it.

      I'm not sure about regen though. 

      On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 6:19 PM, William S <william.swann2@...> wrote:

      I drove a Force today with a DMOC controller. I wondered about some differences.
      1. With a fresh pack, regen was in and out, that is, on for 1 sec and off for 1 second. Whereas with the Brusa force, there is squeeling sound with a fresh pack. Is the "in and out" regen, a characteristic of the DMOC?
      2. While driving in power mode with a depleted pack,the DMOC seemed to be lurching. Not the spongy response. Is this a characteristic of the DMOC, with a depleted pack?

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