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95491999 EV Solectria Battery Powered Electric Vehicle One Ton Truck/Van Dually on e-bay

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  • Steve Powers
    Dec 8, 2013
      I found this on e-bay this morning.

      1999 EV Solectria Battery Powered Electric Vehicle One Ton Truck/Van Dually

      eBay item number:

      Starting at $1800.  Looks complete.  Of course, it needs batteries.

      This vehicle is being sold for “parts” because it does not “work”. Its all there, and was used by, and well maintained by U-Mass Amherst maintenance department, until it was retired about 3 years ago and they let the battery's sit dead.

      Its an all aluminum truck, with only 16 thousand miles on it. The rear door and rollers are in excellent shape. The front doors don't slide, they open out on hinges like regular doors. The whole roof is heavy duty fiberglass and lets light in. The tires are in excellent condition, The whole nose opens up for access. Good glass.

      There is some juice in some of the battery's, enough to make a buzzer sound and activate the gauges, and give me a huge shock when i touched a positive battery cable, but not enough to make it “work”.

      moveable, but really heavy so it will need an equipment trailer or equivalent to move it. I could remove the 50 or so battery's to lighten the load.

      The manufacture is Solectria and is still in business in Boston, and the body is manufactured by Union City body Company on a Chevrolet chassis and running gear, and should have pertinent information, like weight, so I will try to add it to this listing before close.

      Many more pictures are available if you ask i will send.

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