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9537DMOC Help

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  • rclugnut
    Dec 4, 2013

      I' have posted the below message on the DIYelectriccar forums (linked below). I was just wondering if anybody else here had any further input on our issue. 

      "I'm part of an engineering team that competes in the SAE clean snowmobile challenge. We are working on rebuilding one of our sleds, however we're having an issue with a DMOC controller. 

      A bit of history first, before I was on the team the sled was controlled by a solectria UMOC 325, the year before i joined a DMOC445 replaced that and is mated with the solectria AC-21 motor. We have since built up a new sled we purchased another umoc second hand. This is the unit were having issues with. We plan to be installing it in the older sled which ran/still runs with with the orginal DMOC just fine. Our issue is we can't get the foward/neutral/reverse switch, as well as the resistance values to be logical. When we look at the values in ccshell, instead of holding neutral, it will flash random #'s and occasionally neutral. If we switch it to forward or reverse we get the same issue. The values for the throttle signal, do the same thing as well.

      We have loaded different .par files on and that doesn't seem to have made any difference. We have also pulled it apart and tried switching the board linked below. it's appears to be an input board that then runs signals to the main control system of the controller. We tried switching the boards between the two units with no chance, there was one combination we didn't try which we will after school resumes after break. We're thinking it's a firmware issue with the controller. However we're not totally sure, the board linked below has a slightly different part # and is revision # 14 vs #7 which is in both controllers. If we can be sure this will fix the issue we'd buy that board to swap it in but not totally sure. 


      Any help on this would be appreciated."

      On a side note we may also be dropping in a umoc and i believe all of our questions were answered here...


      However feel free to add any input regarding either issue. 

      Thanks in advanced,


      ps thanks for the reminder i've been meaning to post this for a few days
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