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9509Re: early USE vehicles

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  • Steve Hawkins
    Nov 21, 2013


      Thanks for those suggestions, but a bit of additional clarification is needed.

      I am looking for the very earliest Hughes paddles …  9mm thick c1993.  Call them v1.

      Then GM took over and kept the same overall paddle size, but made it thicker … 13mm thick (1/2”) c1995.  Let’s call that v2.

      The version you mentioned, used by Toyota, was c2000 where they made the whole paddle smaller but kept the thickness at 13mm.

      The c1993 ones I seek are as obsolete as it gets.

      I think the only hope of finding one is in an old pile of chargers, or someone who has an original early car.

      The likely hood of an operating functioning one is very low.

      But I like challenges.

      Thanks all,



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