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946Re: Thunder Sky batteries

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  • fredfischer55
    Feb 6, 2004
      The website:
      claims a two stage charger: constant 0.3 CA followed by
      constant voltage of 4.25 V per cell. A special Thunder Sky
      charger, using "power pulse" technology can charge at 10 CA
      (price not shown). The Brusa NLG412 or newer NLG 511 can
      do 0.15 CA , followed by a float at 44 x 4.25 V.

      When I purchased my Force in 2000, increasing the range by
      changing the pack chemistry to ni-cad was a $22,000 option. I
      believe Tom Hudson has more recent info on Saft ni-cads.

      --- In force_ev@yahoogroups.com, William Glickman <
      billglic@j...> wrote:
      > Is a special charger required ?
      > How much do ni-cads cost and at what range ?
      > Ni-cads have 4x cycle life of lead acid.
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