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944Thunder Sky batteries

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  • fredfischer55
    Feb 5, 2004
      Searching for Lithium batteries, I came across the
      manufacturer's site for these 3.9 volt batteries. The specs for the
      100 AH model (LP8581A) show that 44 of these could replace
      my Force's 50 AH batteries with space to spare. This would
      double my range. The pack weight would drop from 819 pounds
      to 291 pounds. This would increase the possible payload from
      the current 650 to over 1150 pounds.

      On the downside there is cost: 44 of these batteries cost $6380
      plus shipping. Battery life may only be slightly better then the
      lead-acid pack: at 500+ cycles, far less than NiMH.

      Are there other problems with these batteries? 2x range for 3+x
      cost is bad, what about current drain during hard acceleration?
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