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9233Re: [solectria_ev] PowerCheq battery equalizers

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  • Charles Bliss
    Aug 4, 2013
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      I will soon be pulling out a full system with 12 power cheqs, 3x
      PakTrakr remotes, one display unit with serial and a Woodward Display.
      All the powerCheqs are mounted on Sheet Metal stand with fuses (1 per
      battery) and connectors. I haven't decided on a price but I would want
      to sell it all together. This is currently installed in my 156V '97,
      which has 13 Lead Acid batteries.

      On 8/4/2013 2:04 PM, rcreznyjr wrote:
      > Wher can I buy the PowerCheq battery equalizers? Power Designers, the
      > maker of these units does not show them in their product line-up. I
      > need 9 more to completely equalize my battery pack. I'm still trying
      > to figure out why my Force will not move at times. I think the problem
      > is in the power switch for forward/reverse. The other day I pushed the
      > vehicle into the shop to do some needed suspension work. After working
      > on the front end and creating more problems due to rust I tried to see
      > if it would move and sure enough it did. I replaced the front struts
      > and top mounts and the right control arm. The large bolts that support
      > the drive motor bracket came out but with the threads. The control arm
      > rear bracket bolts came out after I soaked them w/ PB Blaster for a
      > few days. The left side bolts are still frozen and one of the rear
      > control arm bracket bolts welded in nuts broke free up inside the
      > body. The large bolts holes should be easy to fix once I get the motor
      > support bracket off. I'll be using a product called "Time-Sert". 14mm
      > x 1.5mm hardened steel threaded insert. Just have to drill out the
      > bolt holes with the drill bit in the kit, counter-sink the edge of the
      > hole with the bit in the kit and re-tap the hole. Thread in the insert
      > and screw in the expanding tool also in the kit. Sounds like a lot of
      > work but it really isn't and the holes will have new and much stronger
      > threads. The rear bracket nut will be more of a challenge. If I pry
      > down on the bracket while using an air impact wrench I shold be able
      > to get the bolt out. Once that happens I should be able to tack weld
      > the nut in place. Wish me luck!............Rich

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