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9231Re: [solectria_ev] Shift Happens! Could use some advice, or a replacement motor

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  • Charles Bliss
    Jul 31, 2013
      If the bearing is spinning in the end bell, you can find a decent motor
      shop or machine shop and have them sleeve the housing. This amounts to
      chucking up the end bell, boring it clean, pressing in a sleeve then
      boring it concentric with the end bell. This is not an uncommon problem
      in the motor industry. When reassembling, you will want to add shim
      washers and possibly a bearing spring washer. The helical gear can put
      a significant load, pushing and pulling the shaft. It needs to be
      assembled such that it doesn't do that.

      JB weld and other compounds WILL fail.
      On 7/31/2013 9:15 AM, Sean K wrote:
      > The previous photos I posted still apply, my rotor is still shifting
      > more than 1/4 inch, I had the bearings replaced and the motor shop
      > used some sort of retaining compound to try to keep the bearing from
      > slipping out of the housing. I thought it had worked because I was
      > able to drive it around in limp mode without an issue, but as soon as
      > I got the car to drive normally and accelerated in the max power mode
      > the rotor shifted again!
      > I'm to the point where I'm tempted to try using something like jb weld
      > or a brazing rod around the outside of the bearing, i think that the
      > gap is too big for the loctite retaining compound that was previously
      > recommended, I don't have any idea where to get a new bell housing for
      > this motor, so it doesn't seem like I have much to lose by trying
      > something a bit more permanent on this.
      > So does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? Or even better does
      > anyone have a working spare motor that they would be willing to sell?

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