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9230Shift Happens! Could use some advice, or a replacement motor

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  • Sean K
    Jul 31, 2013
      The previous photos I posted still apply, my rotor is still shifting more than 1/4 inch, I had the bearings replaced and the motor shop used some sort of retaining compound to try to keep the bearing from slipping out of the housing. I thought it had worked because I was able to drive it around in limp mode without an issue, but as soon as I got the car to drive normally and accelerated in the max power mode the rotor shifted again!

      I'm to the point where I'm tempted to try using something like jb weld or a brazing rod around the outside of the bearing, i think that the gap is too big for the loctite retaining compound that was previously recommended, I don't have any idea where to get a new bell housing for this motor, so it doesn't seem like I have much to lose by trying something a bit more permanent on this.

      So does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? Or even better does anyone have a working spare motor that they would be willing to sell?
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