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915Another charger problem

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  • Stephen Taylor
    Nov 24, 2003
      I just got another 1997 Solectria Force and after a few drives noted that the charger was taking at least twice as long to charge up as my other lead acid Force. Both have the Brusa charger and both are 156 volts. I also noted that the green light on the dash mounted AH gauge, flashes more slowly in this newer car. I then hooked my computer up and ran the monlog program to see what was happening. Surprisingly the program showed everything was fine (Status 0) and it was drawing 16 amps from the outlet and putting 19 amps into the batteries. I left the program running and checked it periodically. The charger appears to have gone thru all the phases, but it shows an inordinate amount of AH being put into the batteries. Two times I used about 18 AH and the charger put back around 48 AH in stage one and another 4.8 in stage two. When I used 24 AH the charger put back 60 AH in stage one and 6 in stage two. With 70 AH being the charger cut off anything above about 25 or 26 AH
      of use would probably end with the charger shutting off.

      Kevin Doherty at Solectria thinks capacitors are the culprits and asked me to measure the amps going to the batteries. My measuring device isn't the most accurate, but I measured closer to 7 or 8 amps going into the batteries verses the 19 amps the monlog program was telling me were going in. Just to make sure I checked the amps going into the batteries of the charger that is working properly and it did measure at least 16 amps (like I said the device wasn't that accurate). By the way I did check the fuses in the charger and they appeared fine and the charger also did recognize the difference between 220 and 110 so I don't believe the problem is there.

      After that long explanation has anybody run into a similar situation? Will I need to get those capacitors replaced? Any suggestions?

      Stephen Taylor

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