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8825Re: charger won't power up

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  • russell_fauver
    Mar 2, 2013
      I've been working with these 14 year old batteries in the Force for a couple weeks now and I'm really surprised at how good they're doing. Seems like they're improving on almost a daily basis. The 8 mile drive to work is no problem even with the electric heater running and the radio on. :-)


      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "russell_fauver" <russell_fauver@...> wrote:
      > I bought a '99 Nicd Force that had been sitting for a while and the batteries are fully discharged. The owner said he recently had the charger serviced (Wolf) and that he was getting about 20 miles per charge when he stopped driving it. Well, I've had the car in my hangar at work for a month now and I thought I might try reviving the old batteries. If he was getting 20 miles out of 'em then maybe I could charge them up enough to make my 8 mile commute to work or at least drive it around the airport some. Also thought it might be good to learn everything I can about the charger with these old batteries since the goal is to put a set of Calbs in there and I'd hate to burn up a perfectly good set of Lithiums trying to learn how to operate the charger. Anyway, I read through the paperwork for charging the Nicds and it didn't sound too tough. I plugged the 'maintenance' jumper into the harness from the LED box and when I plugged the car into the wall nothing happened. No LED lights, no fan, nothing. I know the outlet has power because it's the same one I use for my air compressor. I tried it again without the jumper and still nothing. Do you think that maybe since the batteries are flat dead it won't allow the charger to power up?
      > Russell
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