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8707Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Lithium Batteries Needed

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  • kevin lubot
    Jan 3, 2013
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      Just in case you dont know about them balqon has the yellow ones thundersky/winston/whatevertheywanttocallthem now
      Here is a link to the 90's  http://www.balqon.com/store.php#!/~/product/category=2736708&id=11924713
      I worked with someone named Jennifer there and got 8 for testing to replace my cruddy 100 amp hi power cells that are failing (60amp cap left on some some are fine at 100) after 3 years and 50000 miles(i do a few at a time eventually they will all be gone yeah!)
      I did a discharge test to 80% and got about 82 amps out of them (meaning they are all around 100 amps to full discharge but why bother going to full) i paid $95 a cell for them and a few bucks for interconnects and bolts. Shipping was a bit rough at about $9 a cell so total was about $108 shipped per cell in a small lot of 8. Im sure they would do better (shipping especially) with 50 cells. 
      Once they shipped i had them in 4 days.


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      Go with the 100's. That way you won't regret having the shorter range.

      On 1/2/2013 2:22 PM, Russell Fauver wrote:
      > Hi, I'm talking with Don Blazer about some Calbs. He can get them for
      > a pretty good price but I'm torn between the 60ah and the 100's. I
      > really liked the 70ah ones, they would certainly do what I need but
      > Don says they don't sell the 70's in the US ?? Oh, well...
      > Russell

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