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8549Re: [solectria_ev] Questions on NLG4 programming -- please help

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  • m_sev@juno.com
    Nov 21, 2012
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      I think my charger (picture attached - label is illegible) is over-charging my batteries, can anyone point me in the direction of how to check and change the programming?


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      Subject: [solectria_ev] Questions on NLG4 programming -- please help
      Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 19:08:50 -0000

      I have a few questions about NLG4 programming. Perhaps someone can help me.

      Specifically, I do not understand the following aspects of my default solectria charge profile (this was for the 13x Deka G27). Not understanding aspects of the factory profile, makes it very difficult for me to program a new profile.

      Here are my points of confusion:

      In section 1 of the profile, the U-limitation is 183.3. However, there is a criterion to pass to the next section, of "absolute voltage above 195.00". How in the world could this condition ever obtain, if the U-limitation is 183.3??

      Similarly, in section 2, the I-limitation is 3 amps. However, there is a condition to pass to previous section, of "Absolute current above 25 Amp". How can this condition ever be true?

      Also in section 2, there is a pass-to-next criterion of "multiplicated charge sum above 0.0". How is this condition ever NOT immediately true???

      What in the world is going on here? These conditions are absolutely meaningless, unless I really do not understand what the settings mean.

      And one final question: When does the charger decide to switch off? In section 3 of my original solectria profile, I-limitation is 9 amps, and U-limitation is 176.8 volts. There are no previous or next conditions. The green light (output 4) is on. Somehow, something in this section switches the charger off. Is it output 4? If so, then why is I-limitation set to non-zero???

      Does anyone have any elucidation for me? Or does anyone have a better manual for the NLG4 that discusses programming in more detail?

      Many thanks,



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