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83Re: [force_ev] AB 2061

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  • Craig Childers
    Sep 6, 2000
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      If OEM EVs are not readily available in the next 2 years, Solectria's
      probably will be.
      I'm not sure if this is altogether good or bad.
      I'm concerned with warranty & service of Solectrias.


      At 05:48 PM 9/5/00 -0700, you wrote:
      >I was taking a look over AB 2061 and the good news is that it should apply
      >to the Solectria Force.
      >Basically, you can claim up to $3,000 a year for three years to offset the
      >additional cost of the EV over the equivalent ICE. The way it would appear
      >to work is that if the Force costs say 27,000 and the equivalent GEO Metro
      >cost 16,000 then you could claim the difference between the price of the ICE
      >+ $1,000 and the price of the EV.
      >In the above example, 27,000 - (16,000 + 1,000) = 10,000. Based on this
      >difference you would be able to deduct $3,000 each year from your state
      >income tax for 3 years. The Force would then have cost you 18,000.
      >On the other hand, if the cost of the ICE was $18,000 then you could claim
      >27,000 - (18,000 + 1,000) = 8,000.
      >You would them be able to offset 3,000, 3,000 and 2,000 of state taxes over
      >the next 3 years and the cost of the Force would be $19,000.
      >Don't know how realistic these examples are but they should give a good idea
      >of the way the bill appears to work.
      >Solectria should begin to push the Force her in California before CARB
      >forces the Big 5 to start shipping EVs again. If they could get a
      >dealership here in Southern CA. I have heared several people say they would
      >look into buying one and AB 2061 is a big incentive.
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