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7965Re: Force market value for insurance claim

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    Mar 4, 2012
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      Sorry to hear of your accident. While you should be able to show that your 1997 is worth more than $2,500 today, it may also be enough to show that when it was new, your Solectria Force cost more than a brand new Chevy Geo Metro. Let's say that the MSRP was three times for the Force. Three times $1,500 is $4,500. Hope this helps. M P in California

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, Charles Bliss <cbliss@...> wrote:
      > ... or like one of my friends who's Porsche 914 was declared 'totaled'
      > until he had the insurance company do a formal assessment which showed
      > it valued up due to it being Electric and a classic. Assessed at $47k,
      > the insurance company paid for full repair.
      > On 3/2/2012 12:50 PM, Ed Garcia wrote:
      > >
      > > Although I do not know the specifics of Mike's case, I think calling
      > > the insurance company a "rip off" might be a bit harsh. In their eyes,
      > > we are trying to justify an $8000 valuation for a 97 Geo Metro. You
      > > have to expect some push-back from them. They need to be educated.
      > > This is why I always insist calling my Force a Solectria, not Geo or
      > > Chevy, for insurance and registration purposes. It is like valuating a
      > > Tesla as a Lotus.
      > >
      > > Ed
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