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7962Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Force market value for insurance claim

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  • Lawrence Winiarski
    Mar 3, 2012
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      I've had a few bad experiences with insurance companies.   I was rear ended by a hit and run driver.   I
      followed the guy and got his license.   The collision was absorbed by my bicycle on a bike rack and
      the insurance company initially refused any compensation because a "bike rack and bicycle" 
      were not part of the car, and furthermore, since they were outside the car, they would not
      be covered as personal belongings.   Seems to me that the bike and rack were what 
      prevented the car from being damaged, but they refused to see it that way.

      Luckily I was able to cover it with my renters policy (same company (allstate) so their weasling
      didn't work in the end and they did pay up just from a different division
      in the company.

      Seems weird that they will gladly pay millions of dollars for ridiculous false claims of
      fake back problems, but nothing for a legitimate wreck.   

      I'm currently using State Farm.   I'd be curious who other people are using and if they've
      had any problems.

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      I've also had some difficulty when insuring my 1995 S-10. At first Gieco would only insure my S-10 as a gasoline vehicle, then after two years, and during a renewal follow up attempted to cancelled me because it was a highly modified truck. Eventually we agreed on $8K in coverage although I had wanted $15K. During the first two years it was only covered for about $3K. It seems, only new electric vehicles can easily be covered for their market value. During this situation I researched probably 8 different insurance companies and non would accept my electric vehicle as a daily driver. This was a big disappointment, and as Gieco indicated...they would not have insured me if it were not for their earlier mistake of providing insurance to me for the previous two years.That was a year ago, perhaps now things are better. Thanks for listening.

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, Charles Bliss <cbliss@...> wrote:
      > ... or like one of my friends who's Porsche 914 was declared 'totaled'
      > until he had the insurance company do a formal assessment which showed
      > it valued up due to it being Electric and a classic. Assessed at $47k,
      > the insurance company paid for full repair.
      > On 3/2/2012 12:50 PM, Ed Garcia wrote:
      > >
      > > Although I do not know the specifics of Mike's case, I think calling
      > > the insurance company a "rip off" might be a bit harsh. In their eyes,
      > > we are trying to justify an $8000 valuation for a 97 Geo Metro. You
      > > have to expect some push-back from them. They need to be educated.
      > > This is why I always insist calling my Force a Solectria, not Geo or
      > > Chevy, for insurance and registration purposes. It is like valuating a
      > > Tesla as a Lotus.
      > >
      > > Ed
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