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7959Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Force market value for insurance claim

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  • Ed Garcia
    Mar 2, 2012
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      Although I do not know the specifics of Mike's case, I think calling the insurance company a "rip off" might be a bit harsh. In their eyes, we are trying to justify an $8000 valuation for a 97 Geo Metro. You have to expect some push-back from them. They need to be educated. This is why I always insist calling my Force a Solectria, not Geo or Chevy, for insurance and registration purposes. It is like valuating a Tesla as a Lotus.


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       What was the name of the "offensive" insurance company that tried to rip you off.   
      I'd like to avoid them with my business in the future.

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      You also have the other insurance company to deal with if they are at fault and not a no fault state. Had this situation years ago and it was not a pleasant deal. You will likely have to fight against them trying to total the vehicle at geo market price based upon the vin#.

      You may need legal representation. Small claims court is another option if the other driver can pay.

      Mike R

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "Todd" <larsthelean@...> wrote:
      > My 1997 Solectria Force (48K miles, 156V Lead-Acid pack, Brusa NLG5) was involved in a car accident last Friday (someone blew through a stop sign and hit my front driver's side corner). No one was hurt.
      > The repair estimate is around $2500 in body & suspension work, but a 1997 Geo Metro is only worth around $1500. So, I need to demonstrate to State Farm Insurance that my EV is worth more than $2500.
      > Can anyone provide me with any sales transaction values for a Force within the past 12 months?
      > Thanks!
      > Todd Martin
      > FVEAA
      > Elgin, IL

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